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Nov 21, 2023

Skills for Care running campaign to increase understanding of digital technology in care sector

The Skills for Care campaign, called Improving Digital Confidence, aims to boost the understanding of digital technology for those working in social care


Throughout this month (November) and December, the Skills for Care campaign, called Improving Digital Confidence, aims to take the potential fear out of digital transformation for care homes by providing materials that will help care homes gain a better understanding of what more digital technology in social care can look like, and what it can help care homes achieve. 

The campaign, which runs across the Skills for Care website and social channels, will discuss what digital technology in a care home setting can look like, what the benefits are, and it will outline the support available to increase people’s confidence in the software available. 

This comes ahead of the Government’s stated target for there to be an established digital, data and technology talent pipeline and improved digital literacy, and that social care providers are to have the right infrastructure in place and connectivity for a digital transition by 2025. 

As it stands, however, around 10% of adult social care organisations in England are not digitised. 

But the campaign aims to help people who might find the idea of transitioning to digital technology daunting, providing all the relevant information and support so that when the time comes, they can embrace a more technological future with confidence. 

Included will be blogs and real-life insights from digital technology experts and social care organisations who have introduced digital ways of working to great effect.  

Claire Smout, head of digital skills at Skills for Care said: “Digitisation is high on the agenda for social care, but it can be difficult and daunting to know where to begin. 

“Digital ways of working are here to stay and will increase over time. As a society people are used to having access to technology to monitor their health, using smart home technology to manage lights, heating, locking doors at night, and making calls or accessing social media channels to keep in touch with relatives and friends. 

“We need to ensure our services are introducing digital infrastructure and technology to enable people who are drawing on care and support to have continued access to this technology. 

“Digital doesn’t need to be daunting, and in fact many of us are using technology in our personal and work lives – such as smartphones already without realising this is all part of a digital way of working. Our aim is to help everyone in the sector embrace technology and plan their digital journey, one step at a time. 

“We’re excited to launch this campaign to create a wider understanding of what digital social care can look like and to support social care workers in feeling confident with their digital leadership and digital skills.” 

The importance of digital technology in care homes 

Through harnessing the latest technology, care homes have access to the levels of data, accuracy of reporting and open, real-time communications that would not have been thought possible even ten years ago.  

Digital systems that cover solutions such as wellbeing, medication management, care planning and operations are revolutionising the way that care can be delivered to the most vulnerable people in society, so that those who use care home services can ensure that their residents enjoy the very best quality of life.  

This is possible because a full suite digital technology, like that available with Person Centred Software’s Connected Care Platform, rather than de-skilling care staff liberates them from many of the mundane and repetitive tasks that for so long have gotten in the way of providing the extra human touch of providing care to older adults. 

The Connected Care Platform has been built for carers and loved by carers, so we understand exactly what is needed to ensure that care home residents enjoy the best quality of life possible.  

Digital technology like that available with Person Centred Software has the power to streamline reporting and communications, to increase operational efficiency and safety, to lower costs and carbon footprints, and provide a warm and engaging environment for care home residents that truly makes a care home just that – a home. 

To find out more about how our Connected Care Platform works, and how it can help to revolutionise your care provision, why not book a demo? 


November 21, 2023

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