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Dec 06, 2022

The London Care Record: Person Centred Software’s London-based customers pilot a new approach

A secure view of health and care information, helping to speed up communication between care professionals 

Person Centred Software, the provider of the most widely used electronic care planning system within social care, is working hard to integrate health and social care services. The organisation's main aim is to improve the quality of care and enable a seamless journey for people when moving between services. Leading the way to joined up care, Person Centred Software has partnered with OneLondon and the NHS Regional Care Home team to help make the London Care Record accessible to as many health and care staff as possible. 

The London Care Record lets health and care professionals involved in people's care see a secure view of people's health and care information when needed. Introduced to speed up communication between care professionals, helping to save lives, and improve the safety and quality of care, the London Care Record can show doctors, nurses, and other care professionals a whole heap of information, such as:  

  • GP records 
  • Diagnoses 
  • Long term problems/conditions 
  • Surgical and diagnostic procedures 
  • Diagnostic Reports 
  • Allergies 
  • Clinical correspondence 
  • Assessments 
  • Care Plans 
  • Past admissions and appointments 
  • Upcoming appointments 

And much more. 

For the first time, GPs, hospitals, ambulance services, NHS 111, community care services and care homes across London can access a joined up picture of a person's health and care information whenever they need it. This information helps doctors, nurses, and other health and social care professionals directly involved in a resident's care to make better, safer decisions.  

Person Centred Software's London-based customers, namely care providers, have been connected to the London Care Record for the past week, helping their care teams provide the best possible care to their residents.  

The care providers could easily access important, detailed information about their residents from various health and care settings across London. Access to this information will help care home staff provide the most effective care possible; it will also help reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, GP call-outs, and support discharges from hospitals. 

Person Centred Software also launched its GP Connect integration, similar to the London Care Record, to customers via its Digital Care System in February 2021, which improved clinical decision-making and facilitated better patient care and outcomes. Person Centred Software was one of the first dedicated electronic care systems used in care homes to launch an integration with NHS Digital's GP Connect HTML view product.  

Person Centred Software connected over 25,000 care home beds to health services within a year of going live. The GP Connect service has helped nurses and social care professionals have the information they need to deliver outstanding care. For example, registered social care providers can now access residents' case histories at record speed, enabling them to make faster and more responsible medical decisions as they continue to deal with the waiting list backlog that has arisen since the outbreak of COVID-19. In addition, GP Connect has massively improved information flow as people transition between hospital and care home settings.    

About Person Centred Software  

Andrew Coles is CEO of Person Centred Software, a digital care technology pioneer. Founded in 2013 to improve the quality of life for people in social care, Person Centred Software has become an award-winning global company with over 3,500 care providers in the UK alone using their digital care management system. With over 30 years of experience developing technology for the care sector, Person Centred Software knows passion creates the best opportunity for real change. 

Click here to read a complete list of health and care organisations connected to the London Care Record.


December 6, 2022

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