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Aug 08, 2023

What is mCare by Person Centred Software?

Introducing mCare, the new name for Person Centred Software’s digital care planning system 

Over the last two years, Person Centred Software has grown by expanding their range of offerings. From providing the UK’s most widely used digital care planning system, being the first to connect care homes with GPs with GP Connect and providing an award-winning relatives gateway, Person Centred Software has expanded even further by acquiring ATLAS eMAR to help care homes streamline and improve their medication management and acquiring Oomph! Wellness to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of residents and staff.  

With all these changes and a growing portfolio of products and services, it was time to announce Person Centred Software’s overall mission and goal, which is to provide a Connected Care Platform. The platform aims to cover the full spectrum of care management through a suite of integrated solutions with a focus on driving outstanding care and improving lives in social care. 

Connected Care - Ecosystem Wheel - 2023_1

mCare, the new name for the Person Centred Software’s Digital Care Planning system

Along with announcing the Connected Care Platform, Person Centred Software felt that it was time to re-name their award-winning market-leading care planning product. Over the years the product has had many names, from Mobile Care Monitoring, MCM, PCS to Digital Care and digital care system. Whilst this isn’t a problem, PCS was keen to provide their Digital Care Planning product a solid name and identity, especially as their solutions grow.  

This is where mCare was born – a nod to the original Mobile Care Monitoring name, but with a fresh take. However, mCare is so much more than just a mobile solution; it enables the evidence of care on the go, and through a dashboard view, it provides managers oversight of the entire home, it joins up health and social care services, it supports goals and outcomes, and so much more! 

What’s next for mCare? 

In 2022, customers using mCare saw over 33 new features and enhancements, with 45 additions in 2023.  

Person Centred Software’s ambition is to not just be a ‘software vendor’ to customers, but to provide a partnership and to champion the social care sector. To ensure that mCare consistently meets the needs of users and provides continuous support, part of the product management process includes running user groups and user voice, for example, user groups have helped to develop new features such as goals and outcomes.  

Looking to 2024, Person Centred Software aims to continue to grow its capabilities with projects around the new NHS standards, broadening the range of personas and settings, security measures, enhancing capabilities around behaviour support and much more! 

We are excited for what’s to come with mCare. Exploring how we can harness big data and AI to enable care settings to become more proactive and positive for early interventions will be an impactful initiative, and will work towards our mission to improve the lives of people living and working in social care – Andrew Coles


In this short video, Andrew Coles, Chief Product Officer at Person Centred Software, explains how our digital social care record system, mCare, supports a person-centred approach.

Want to learn more about Person Centred Software’s Connected Care Platform? 

Person Centred Software offer a Connected Care Platform covering the full spectrum of care management through a suite of integrated solutions with a focus on driving outstanding care and improving lives in social care. 

Solutions include care planning, medication management (eMAR), wellbeing and activities and care home operations 

Read here to find out more information about mCare


August 8, 2023

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