Key Features

Created to streamline your processes and align with CQC, our Digital Care System offers a full suite of essential functionality.  

Take a look at mCare's user-friendly key features below

Clinical best practice

PCS Body Map
Body Map

Effectively manage wounds and infections with the Body Map

PCS Reporting
Fluid and Nutrition Monitoring
Cover your resident’s fluid and nutritional needs 
PCS Oral Care
Oral Care

Oral care tools for CQC compliance

PCS Alarm Alert
Care Alert Alarm

Be alerted to critical actions

PCS App Use
Clinical Handheld Device
A complete device package fit for purpose

PCS Incidents
Accidents and Incidents
Quickly flag Accidents & Incidents at the point of care
PCS Dashboard
Post-Fall Assessment tool
Automatically create the required post falls observations 
PCs Pain Scale
Pain assessment scales
Effectively identify and record pain levels at the point of care
PCS Covid
COVID-19 risk Assessment tool

To support care providers through the COVID-19 pandemic  


Mental Capacity Assessment tool

Comentis's mental capacity assessments are integrated into mCare

Innovative hydration solutions

PCS Smart Cups
Smart Cup Fluid Monitoring

Monitor fluid intake and prevent dehydration 

Built for care

PCS App Use
Offline Access
Record care notes uninterrupted with offline access
PCS Care home
Organisational Configuration
Configure settings across your Organisation

Easy to use

PCS Speach to text
Speech to Text

Easily write care notes at the point of care

PCS Icon Driven
Icon-Driven Interface

Spend more time caring with icon driven care notes

Action Tags

Action tags enable quick and seamless recording of care notes

PCS Relatives Gateaway
Photo Stream
Take photos to upload to a shared or private gallery

Engaging with family

PCS Relatives
Relatives Gateway

Engage with relatives and share important moments

Communication and teamwork

PCS Handover
Effective Handover

Handover notes at your fingertips

PCS Messaging

Send messages to devices using staff messaging

Accessible information

PCS Group Reporting_1
Group Reporting

Review and react to key KPIs with Group Reporting


PCS automatic updates
Action Plans

Support government processes and create and track actions quickly and efficiently

PCS Dashboard

Community dashboard raising important alerts, notifications, and calls to action

PCS Notes
Bespoke Reporting

For organisations wanting to incorporate data from the Digital Care System into their own reporting tools

PCS Reporting
Flexible Reporting

Reporting at different levels to meet your needs. Flexible and ready-to-go reporting in line with industry standards

PCS Observations
Observations and Charts

Record vital and view key care note charts


Person-centred care planning

PCS Care Notes_1
Person Centred Care Plans   

Comprehensive person-centred care plans

PCS Assessment
Assessment Tools

Access to a wide range of Assessment Tools

PCS Person Centred Interactions
Person-Centred Interactions

Truly personalised care with person-centred interactions

PCS Group Activities
Group Activities

Quickly create group activities for residents to join 

Resident goals and outcomes

PCS Who Am I
Who I Am

Be truly person-centred and understand residents’ individual needs

PCS Notes
Plan Care Day

Plan a resident’s regular care requirements 

PCS Profile
Personalised Action Preferences
Know how your residents prefer to be cared for at a click of a button
PCS Staff
Matching staff and resident interests
Find out which staff and residents have similar interests

PCS Observations
Goal Tracking and Outcomes 
Evidence goals and outcomes achieved  

Security made simple

PCS App Use
Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Centrally control your device suite using our MDM

PCS Oversight of information

Audit changes made to care records


NFC Unlock

Keep your devices secure with a Care App timeout

NFC Location Tags

Level up your Care App security with a location tag

PCS Role Based
Role-based Access

Control access rights with our Role-based Access feature

PCS IP Whitelist
IP Address Whitelist
Restrict access to Monitor and the Care App to your organisation’s network 
PCS Secuirty
Secure Passwords/Access

Set your organisation policies to enforce only strong passwords

Two-factor authentication

Protect your residents privacy and data

Single sign-on (SSO) 

Securely access multiple applications and services

Joined up care

PCS Care Notes_1
Hospital Pack

Automatically produce hospital pack effortlessly from your resident files

PCS Reporting
Personal Demographics Service (PDS)
Validate and trace a resident’s NHS number
PCS GP Connect
GP Connect

Connecting care homes and GPs 

PCS eRed bag

Connecting care homes to hospitals    

PCS Oversight of information
National Record Locator (NRL)

Sharing information across health and social care services

Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB)

Driving data standards

PCS Secuirty
Information Governance & Security
Committed to delivering a high standard of data security