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Apr 30, 2024

Person Centred Software attends Care Show London 2024

Showcasing the transformative benefits of the Connected Care Platform at Care Show London 2024 


It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to attend Care Show London 2024 on 25th and 26th April and showcase all the ways in which our Connected Care Platform can improve quality of care for residents, wellbeing for staff and how it can help care providers save time, for example, how care homes saved over 28 million hours of admin tasks in 2023! 

We enjoyed meeting and talking with many of the people who work tirelessly to ensure that the most vulnerable people in society receive the care, companionship and support they need. 

We were also thrilled to have the chance to demonstrate how our Connected Care Platform, which includes solutions for digital care planning, medication management, wellbeing and activities, care home operations and staffing solutions among others, can radically transform the quality of care that can be provided, helping those living and working in care achieve standards of quality of life never possible before. 

Not only that, but it was great to catch up with the team at care training provider Redcrier, who are the newest members of the Connected Care family.  

Visitors to our stand had the chance to win prizes by taking part in the Oomph Quiz and having a go at answering 8 questions or by choosing a resident card and creating their day using mCare on one of our devices! 

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We were also glad to have the chance to catch up with The Care Worker’s Charity, a charity close to our hearts who we support each year, they couldn’t resist joining in supporting our annual Glad to Care Campaign!  

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Care Show London 2024 played host to the most cutting-edge technologies and ideas in the industry today, with seminars on the future of AI in care, diversity and inclusion, cultural transformation, the CQC’s single assessment frameworkunlocking government funding and many, many more. 


An impactful digital journey  

Speaking at the event on the Keynote Theatre stage were our very own Johan Jardevall, Chief Executive Officer and Jemma Robinson, Chief Operating Officer, to discuss the transformative effect that digital technology has on care providers.

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They were also joined by our customers, Hartford Care Group and Graham Care Group, who both spoke glowingly of the way in which the Connected Care Platform has been transformative for their services.  

On using Person Centred Software’s products, Nicky Barnes, Quality Director for Hartford Care said: “We started our digital journey about seven years ago, partnering with Person Centred Software, and for us care planning was obviously a key thing that we decided to implement in order to move away from pen and paper and reduce the amount of errors that were happening as well as help with the lack of evidence that we could gather for certain things where it might not have been written down. 

“We looked at a multitude of products and decided to partner with Person Centred Software and since then for every home that has joined us, we’ve always taken the decision to change them from whatever provider they are currently using and move them to Person Centred Software. Initially it was just the digital care planning system (mCare) but since then we have started using many other products like the Oomph! Wellbeing and Activities platform which links really nicely and feeds into to the care plans and the care notes we’re able to produce with mCare.  

“We also use ATLAS eMAR which also talks to the digital care planning system and we also use Digital Reception, so if anyone comes into one of our care homes then they need to sign in via an iPad and if they’re visiting their loved ones then it automatically populates that person’s care plan. Using it has solved so many potential problems for us, especially when we’re doing investigations or where there might be safeguarding concerns – everything we need is at the touch of a button because all of the systems speak to each other. 

“The systems have really supported the organisation in its growth.” 

Will Graham of Graham Care Group had similar glowing remarks, saying: “We started using what is now ATLAS eMAR about 12 years ago which has been fantastic in terms of how we manage our medications more effectively and we started using mCare back in 2018, which was a big pivotal moment in terms of allowing staff to record things more contemporaneously on mobile devices.” 

Speaking on the benefits for people accessing the care groups’ services and the workforce Nicky Barnes of Hartford Care said: “For the people who access our services, [the benefit] is having that real-time record, especially to be able to support our residents living with dementia to understand their day, what’s happening, and things of that nature.  

“For the staff, it’s definitely saved time but it’s also helped to us to capture richer data through the mobile devices because, in the old days on paper, staff members would have to wait until the end of their shift and try to remember everything they’d done for each person and capture it all in the last two minutes before they leave. And the ease of use too. That’s not to say there weren’t challenges along the way, but overall, it’s much easier for staff to capture what they’re doing throughout the day.” 

It was similar for Graham Care Group, as Will Graham added: “Not having to wait until the end of the day to type notes onto a desktop has been really transformative for us. I think from an oversight point of view, the richness of data means that there is a lot more scope for analysis, particularly in analysing resident wellbeing.” 

If you want to learn more about how ATLAS eMAR has helped Graham Care Group, you can read the full case study here. 

It was great to hear how our Connected Care Platform is transforming the quality of care that is being provided to residents for both Hartford Care and Graham Care Group, and if you didn’t get a chance to speak with us at Care Show London 2024 and want to find out more about how the Connected Care Platform can benefit your resident and staff, you can click here to book a consultation. 

Check out what other events we are exhibiting at here. 


Check out what other events we are exhibiting at here


April 30, 2024

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